Honest to Goodness.

Let’s face it, people and businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to where to keep their money or to get a loan. At Avidia, we wanted to make the choice easy, so we asked our customers, neighbors, and employees what makes us unique. The answer? Honest to Goodness. It’s more than just a tagline; it’s who we are as a bank, a community partner, and employer.

It’s why we offer straightforward accounts and helpful advice that are always in the best interest of our customers, why we provide donations and employee volunteers to support local non-profits, causes, and events, and why our employees stay with us year after year. And, it’s why we have a culture of innovation that allows us to continually explore ways to better serve our customers and keep our employees engaged.

We invite you to read more about banking in a different way at Avidia – Honest to Goodness.

Another strong year of serving our customers and communities. Honestly.
A Message from the President.

Mark O’Connell, President & CEO, Avidia Bank. Help customers thriveSome things just stand the test of time. At Avidia Bank, we believe that’s honesty, integrity, and a commitment to always doing what’s best for our customers. It’s why in 2019, we experienced another strong year of financial performance and why after 150 years, we’re still here – helping individuals, families, businesses, and our communities prosper. One of our greatest assets continues to be our charter as a mutual bank. Without shareholders and the pressure to deliver quarterly returns, we are free to continue to give back to our customers and communities – reinvesting our profits to offer competitive services and investing in our employees and our communities. We also continued to invest in ways to enhance the service we provide, including the reconstruction of our branch offices to make banking in person even more convenient and easy Despite a tumultuous interest rate environment, we continued to have moderate growth in earnings by growing commercial and business banking loan portfolios and continuing to grow deposits in health savings accounts.

In 2019, as we have done in the past, we strived not to be the most profitable bank, but to be the trusted bank our customers can turn to for honest and personal guidance. Key to that promise are our people. Employees at all levels of our organization are committed to serving others. We would like to recognize the contributions of one key individual who has helped pave the way for Avidia’s success – the late Roger Leland. Roger, who served as director of Westborough Bank, was instrumental in helping bring Hudson Savings Bank and Westborough Bank together to form the institution we are today. Thank you for your support. We look forward to serving you and your community in 2020 and for many more years to come.

Honestly yours,

Mark O’Connell, President & CEO

Being smart with money is essential to running a successful business.

As fate would have it, we are smart with money.

Serving the unique needs
of every business.

That’s our specialty.

We get it. Every business is unique with different financial needs, challenges – and specialties. In 2019, Avidia continued to do business banking in a unique way – by giving each business exactly what they need to do business faster, cheaper, and safer. We helped companies maximize cash flow by accelerating receivables, and efficiently managing disbursements. We delivered innovative solutions like our Business Manager program to support rapid business growth and provide access to capital. And, we offered protection from financial fraud, and deposit insurance with no limits.

With a willingness to lend, local decision making, and a full range of commercial banking solutions, Avidia was open for business in 2019.

We are also proud to be named the Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) #1 lender to manufacturers in Massachusetts in 2019.


Helping businesses maximize cash flow.

No matter what industry they operate in, every business must maximize cash flow. That is why Avidia offers a robust suite of services to help businesses maximize idle funds, collect and concentrate cash, and disburse funds more efficiently.

Industry-solutions – and personal guidance.

Avidia understands that businesses in certain professions have unique needs. In 2019, we were proud to serve a variety of specialized businesses, including:

Dental Practices.

From financing for buying, expanding, or renovating practices, to solutions for managing cash flow and processing payments, Avidia offered all the financial solutions dental practices need to grow and succeed.

Condo Associations.

We recognize that condo associations have very unique needs when it comes to financing and managing cash flow. Avidia’s Community Association Lending team serves associations throughout New England offering a range of solutions and more than two decades of experience.


As part of our commitment to innovation and helping fuel the growth of businesses, in 2019, we dedicated resources to meet the financial and business needs of financial technology (FinTech) companies. Among the services we provided are Real-Time Payments (RTP). Avidia was the first community bank in the country to sign on to this service available through The Clearing House (TCH), and currently offers faster payments through a push-to-card system that allows customers to pay people and small businesses using their cards.


Bringing helpful, convenient banking to our customers.

Here’s the thing, people have their own ways of doing things, including the way they bank. Some like to come into branches and talk with people who actually know their name; others prefer to bank and deposit checks electronically without talking to anyone and some like to have it both ways. In 2019, Avidia continued our commitment to striking a balance between technology and full-service banking to give our customers the freedom to bank the way that makes them happy.


A branch makeover in Leominster

As part of these efforts, in 2019, we made significant changes to our branches. We began with a renovation and update of our Leominster branch at 470 Lancaster Street. The branch, which was originally opened in 2005, has been remodeled to offer new technology and to reinforce the bank’s commitment to the community and local businesses.

Enhancing banking in Hudson

In 2020, we began planning for some exciting changes in Hudson that will allow us to better serve our customers and plan for expansion.

Making room to grow in our Main Office

To accommodate our growth, beginning in the spring of 2020, we will begin transitioning branch banking at our Main Office at 42 Main Street in Hudson to the Avidia Financial Center located around the corner at 17 Pope Street. The Main Office will be remodeled as a new corporate center equipped with more room for offices and meeting and community space.

The Financial Center on Pope Street, which currently offers ample accessible parking and a drive-up ATM, will be expanded to offer additional teller services.

Moving on up on Washington Street

In addition to offering full-service banking at the Financial Center on Pope Street, in 2021, we will be relocating our Washington Street branch to a larger, more convenient location across the street. The new branch will include updated technology to make our banking services easier and more accessible. Moving forward, we’ll continue to renovate our branches to ensure we make it easy for our customers to bank and get the service they need.

Teaming up to make our communities stronger

At Avidia, we believe in the power of teamwork. When we work together, we can not only do more, but also do better for local people. In 2019, we were proud to continue our tradition of giving back to the local communities we serve and teaming up with others who share our passion for giving back.


Championing for Children.

To help support the Boys and Girls Club of MetroWest, Avidia partnered with Stephon Gilmore, New England Pro Football Player and NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2019. For every regular season home game, the bank provided tickets for the Match of a Game to a child and mentor from the Boys and Girls Club. In addition, the bank donated $1,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Metro West for every defensive interception and defensive recovery. The program resulted in $30,000 in donations.

Mark and Marchand

Assisting Kids.

We were honored to partner with Pro Hockey Player Brad Marchand and 98.5 the SportsHub to support local youth hockey programs. For every Boston Bruins assist during the regular season, Avidia will donate $25 to benefit Massachusetts Youth Hockey Programs in the MetroWest, up to $30,000. The money raised during the season will go toward new safety equipment, including helmets and mouth guards. In addition, to help teach children about managing money, Avidia will provide 150 kids in MetroWest Youth Hockey $150 in their youth savings accounts.

Proud of our “good” work

It’s good to be a mutual savings bank. It means we can continue to use our profits for a noble cause: to support the organizations, causes, and events that help make our communities stronger. Through our donations from the bank, grants from our charitable foundation, and our employee volunteers, in 2019 we were proud to continue our tradition of giving back – Honest to Goodness.

In 2019, we gave back…


Amount Donated through the Avidia Charitable Foundation.


Amount Donated through Avidia Bank.

2,000+ hours

Employee Volunteer Hours

Trustees emeritus

  • Oliver F. Nunes, Jr.
  • James. E. Tashijan
  • Fred B. Williams

Consolidated statements of financial condition (Unaudited)

Consolidated statements of income (Unaudited)


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